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Update from NEB Sonia Brotarlo

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Update from NEB Sonia Brotarlo

Post  Admin-apcjr on Mon Sep 27, 2010 2:01 pm

Here is the update shared by Madam Sonia Bortarlo on the agenda discussed during NEB regular meeting held last September 23 -24 , 2010 at LANDBANK PLAZA.

I. HMO for 2011

a) Invitation to bid for interested HMO providers were already sent by the HMO Committee. Our HMO Committee is composed of representatives from top management, middle management and LBPEA. Terms of Reference were provided to the HMOs and based on those terms they are going to give their bids particularly on the premiums they are going to charge. The terms of reference were presented to the LBPEA Board by Mr. Alvin Arriza-LBPEA representative to the Committee. One of the suggestions made was to do away with the incremental charges on hospitalization.

b) Proposal of Mr. Lito Chua on Third Party Administration of HMO - it was unanimously decided by the Board that the proposal will not be endorsed since it lacks thorough study. The proposal emailed by Mr. Lito Chua to different branches was made for the purpose of gathering comments and suggestions from the employees. The concept is really good but then there are problem areas disadvantageous to the prospective enrollees which need to be addressed.

II. Discrimination on crediting of PF Dividend - there were clamors from the R&F that officers' dividend were credited on the evening of Sept 22 while those of the rank and file employees were made early morning of Sept. 23. This matter was brought to the attention of the management particularly to Atty. Cervantes which he was not aware that it happened and he is going to check on it.

III. On our benefits - LBPEA will be requesting this 1st week of October for early release of grocery allowance.

IV. We had our meeting with Atty. Cervantes together with the heads of Personnel Administration Department and Employees Relations Department this was held on the whole afternoon of Friday.

According to Atty. Cervantes that our management and LANDBANK's legal counsels believe that we are covered by Executive Order No. 7. Infact, the allowances of our Board of Directors were already suspended. LANDBANK's Board is composed 7 members and 4 of whom are Secretaries of Departments appointed by Pres. Aquino.

We provided them with a copy of an article from Manila Times furnished by semaj501 in this website regarding the statement of Sen. Drilon.

In course of discussion the following issues were raised:

1. Whether or not our compensation plan with DBM was already scrapped with the issuance of EO 7?
Atty. Cervantes replied that it was just suspended in other words we will have to wait until January 2011 which is about 3 months away for us to make another follow-up.

2. Why LBPEA has no part in the preparation of the compensation plan?
LANDBANK commissioned a private company the Watson Wyatt to thoroughly study our compensation plan so that it should be comparable with the private sectors. Inorder to avoid complications, the compensation plan was not divulged to the employees. Atty. Cervantes made mention that we could only negotiate on the non-economic aspects of our benefits. Our salaries and other economic benefits were not part of our Collective Negotiation as they were excluded based on Civil Service Rules.
Atty. Cervantes added that TFCC created under E.O. 7 is now preparing for the rationalization of our salaries and benefits.

3. It was agreed by both LBPEA and the HRMG Group Head-Atty Cervantes that an information on our compensation plan will be circulated for the officers and employees.

So far those are the bullet points of LBPEA NEB discussions this September.


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