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May 27, 2011 Email message- LBPEA update

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May 27, 2011 Email message- LBPEA update

Post  Admin-apcjr on Fri May 27, 2011 5:31 pm

The undersigned together with the other members of the National Executive Board called on Dir. Domingo I. Diaz last May 24, 2011. Dir. Diaz engaged us in a sort of no-holds-barred open forum.



Asked on the status of our pay plan, his reply is summarized below.

The TFCC (Task Force on Corporate Compensation created by E.O. 7 tasked to rationalize the salaries and benefits of GOCC/GFI employees) whose members are the Sec. of DBM, Finance, Civil Service and the Executive Secretary APPROVED IN PRINCIPLE on May 11, 2011 the granting of INTERIM across the board increases to non-SSL GOCCs/GFIs with pending requests for salary adjustment.

The Technical Working Group (we failed to ask the composition but we assumed DBM officers/employees) was given the task to study/evaluate and recommend the appropriate percentage increases for said non-SSL GOCCS/GFIs.

The TWG committed to finish its job within 2 weeks. The reckoning date of the 2-week period was not specifically mentioned, but Dir. Diaz was hopeful that the TWG would be able to come up with the recommendation and ready for Pres. Aquino’s approval by May 31, 2001.

Dir. Diaz also disclosed that he had wanted to request an updated 2010 compensation study undertaken by Watson Wyeth to ensure that the basis of the percentage increase would be reflective of current situations- he said Wyeth can finish the job in 2 weeks. However, he said VP Latti of LBPEA NEB assured him the proposed pay plan of LBP which is based on a 2008 study by Wyeth will suffice. Dir.Diaz said that LBP had requested DBM to consider that SSL 3 is already on its 3rd tranche of implementation when computing for the percentage increase.

The increase is called INTERIM in anticipation of the enactment of the GOCC Governance Bill. The bill which is authored by Sen. Drilon seeks to establish a GOCC Governance Commission which shall have the power to formulate and implement a standardized pay scale for all GOCCs/GFIs. Once the new pay scale is approved there is a big possibility that we could still enjoy another round of increase.

This assumption was based on data gathered from other GOCC/GFIs that are also classification as Class A such as GSIS, HDMF, DBP ( Comparative data show that we are lagging behind in terms of basic pay even considering the possible interim increase ). Following the legal principle of non-diminution of benefits, it is logical to assume that our salaries would be, at least, level with that of the other GFIs with higher salary pay scales.
On one of the occasions that he made representations/follow-up our pay plan, with DBM, Dir. Diaz was told that although Landbank’s hiring rates are lower than SSL 3, Landbankers have far more superior compensation package than employees covered by SSL 3.But he succeeded to convince DBM when he reminded them on the the policy statement of the Pres. That those who perform better must be paid better.

(Note: On the following day, the LBPEA Directors coming from the different Regions outside of NCR made a courtesy call to SVP Jojie Cabreza, CSS Head. She said that per her latest info from DBM, the recommendation of the TWG may not be completed on May 31, 2011 although the TWG has been working on it. Source from Personnel said that DBM was asking for some documents last Wednesday).

We also relayed the sentiments of the rank-and-file employees especially on the much delayed approval/implementation of the pay plan to SVP Cabreza. She expressed her concern on the plight of the rank-and-file and assured us that LBP is doing everything within its authority to secure the approval of the pay plan. At the same time she reminded us that we are still lucky we are receiving more benefits compared to other govt. employees. SVP Cabreza said she will be coordinating with ADBS in the dissemination of information regarding updates on the pay plan.


Dir. Diaz, said that he was not aware of the ACA/PERA although he is already aware of other benefits that are being requested for adjustment. But he lamented that these requests have been overtaken by events with the issuance of E.O. 7 which prohibits granting of additional salaries and benefits to GOCC/GFI officers and employees. Their main concern now is to have the immediate approval/implementation of the interim increase. (submitting another request to DBM/TFCC for benefit upgrade is not wise at this moment)

After a very long wait. At least we are now seeing some light at the end of the Tunnel.

Let us continue doing our functions as best we can to show the taxpayers and the authorities that we truly deserve what we are asking for.

We encourage all LBPEA members to include the eventual approval/implementation of our pay plan in their prayers.

Thank you and God Bless!


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